It was girls’ night out.  All respective significant others are out of town and/or didn’t feel like hanging with the chickies.  B is in Hawaii on a work trip…. I am sooo jelly.

We went to Luna Park for a late supper and drinks.  I wore my new favorite dress from Madewell which garnered more than a few complements both from the girl friends and from rando girls whist waiting in the restroom line.  All together, this means that this dress was not only a great buy, it is now going to be a closet staple for the weekends.

Next test that could possibly raise the dress up to a weekday and weekend closet staple: how the kids respond.  Granted, for the classroom, something as short as this dress would never fly.  So some layering magic will have to happen.  FSM forbid I actually show too much skin at school.  I feel dirty just contemplating it.  *shudder*

glasses: warby parker – jacket: urban outfitters (old) – hoodie: american apparel – dress: madewell (not online but currently in stores) – socks: asos – booties: boutique9 via endless – clutch: f21 –  watch: marc by marc via nordstrom rack – bracelets: DIY and gift from B

I’m all about the nautical look.  I love it.  I’m obsessed with it.  I was a sailor, after all.  I did at one time fancy becoming a coastie (coast guard) or a merchant mariner.  I just wanted to be on the ocean forever….I ❤ sailors.

BTW, all pics by Aimee.  thanks girl!

11 thoughts on “sail away, it’s girls’ night!

  1. That’s why I don’t buy Madewell dresses. They are all too short. It’s like they’re made for teenagers.


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