So what’s the difference between ‘vintage’ and ‘thrift’?  Can someone do a venn diagram comparison?  Cuz IDK.

I picked this dress up the last time I went thrifting (is that even a word?) along with this one.  It was $5, but it also had some horrible bell sleeves (that matched the hem) along with that old polyester smell that all vintage shops are perfumed with.  I bought it anyway, because, hey, FIVE BUCKS!  I knew right away that the sleeves had to come off, so I brought the dress down to DC where my super talented sewer mom took them straight off.  I should have kept the sleeves to show you here, but I like to travel light and chucked them out promptly.  This morning I checked the weather, which was above freezing so I made a beeline for this dress.  har har.

vintage take two2

vintage take two3

vintage take two4

glasses: warby parker – dress: vintage/thrifted – cardigan: j.crew – tights: uniqlo – boots: bp (super old)

Update:  For those of you who are interested, I’ve had an improvement on grades this past week. After giving out progress reports, I added a few super easy low level assignments as classwork and I got a ton of late work turned in.  I think the progress reports lit some fires under their butts in terms of completing work.  Also, I now have standing tutoring appointments with a few kiddos, which helps with HW completion.  I still plan on having a “make-up work day” near the end of the quarter though. I’m seeing progress – YAY!!

2 thoughts on “Vintage, Take two

  1. Glad everything is (mostly) working out with your kiddos!! You’re doing great. And you look lovely! I like the little pop of color. xx

    Allie @


  2. you look so lovely! i hear you on the smell. have you ever tried soaking it in oxyclean for a bit? that has helped eliminate the vintage scent on my finds in the past. see you soon!


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