Obviously I’m a teacher.  less obviously I teach high school level science.  This year, Physics and Biology.  Years past, Culinary Arts, Physiology and Health Science.

I teach in a public school in Denver.  Before that, Brooklyn for two years and San Francisco for three.  I love science, I love teaching, I love teaching science to young adults and seeing them grow.  I plan on teaching in some capacity for the rest of my life.  Also, I’m from San Francisco, so that Cali love runs deep like the fog that creeps in on little cat feet.

Things I love:

this movie: The Class

this song: La Ritournelle

this job: Teaching Biology

this funny:  Bizzaro and the Far Side

This blog is focused on fashion, teaching, and teaching fashionably.  That’s it, really.  If you’re looking for deep insights into what makes a teacher great vs good or the pros/cons of project based learning, look elsewhere.  This blog isn’t meant to be super serious and/or profound.  Likewise if you have a clothing budget that would finance a high school science department.

About links and stuff – none of my links are affiliate links or anything that generates revenue for me. I just link stuff for fun. If the opportunity ever comes along though, I will be very clear about it.

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh my gosh… we will have to exchange e-mails and have a chat or two. I’m thinking of moving to San Fran in a year or so with one of my best friends…. she’s been trying to convince me, but it is just so difficult to find jobs out of state. I’d love to hear about your school/experience. I teach in Ohio right now, my whole blog is about my kids, they are ESL students… similar to you, I LOVE my job. 🙂


  2. Just discovered your blog via Academia and Fashion–and I’m so glad to find another high school science teacher out in the blogging world! (So many teacher blogs out here are Primary school!) I teach biology! 🙂 Look forward to reading your posts!


  3. Hi! I’m just about to start my student teaching (3 1/2 weeks – eek!) near Boston through the MAT Program at Northeastern and I came across your blog while trying to find other high school teacher blogs. I blog now about DIY crafts/projects and cooking, but as I dive into teaching it may slowly expand to incorporate some of that. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that your blog is super awesome and I’ve already gotten so much inspiration from reading some of your posts. Hope you’re having a great day! Best, Sara


  4. Hello,
    Your pictures and words are lovely! I’m in the middle of my teacher training year in London, and was considering starting a teacher fashion blog…and after looking around online, yours definitely stands out as inspirational!

    x Tiff


    1. Thanks heaps! It’s been going for a while now and I’m feeling a bit burned out on blogging. Maybe your new blog will inspire me in return!


  5. Great blog! I think you are my spirit animal.

    I’m a student teacher, and your style fits mine, both fashion and thoughts on science.


    1. I thought it was ok. Then again, my experience there was atypical considering I was teaching a full course load while taking credential classes in the evenings. My program was also spread out over 2 years and most of my classes were separate from the regular credential cohort.
      I learned nothing from my classroom management class though it was where I needed the most help and observers gave zero helpful feedback. But I did learn a lot about curriculum building and pedagogy in my literacy and science instruction class. To be fair though, I was more concerned with not getting eaten alive by my students than learning Ed theory at the time.


  6. Good to know. I plan on taking the non intern route because I work.
    Which SF schools did you work for?


  7. I absolutely love your fashion ideas! I teach Biology, Earth Science and Environmental Science in Fayetteville, West Virginia. The Albert Enstien outfit was fabulous, I actually did a version of it the other day with a black pencil skirt, ankle boots and a magenta cardigan. Your transition to Denver sounds like my transition to Portland, Oregon. I went from a friendly school where we shared ideas and ate lunch together to teaching at a school with rude disrespectful kids and push over unfriendly teachers. I hope you find a good fit that is right for you. It sounds like you really care about your students and you are doing a great job! Anyway thanks for the fashion tips, you have a very cute wardrobe!


  8. Did you stop doing your outfit of the days?
    I don’t see anything past January.
    Love the outfits though!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. I’m still lurking around here and there. I will most likely be back in the fall. Thanks for hanging on! In the meantime, I’m always on Instagram, @akires.


  9. I just read almost the whole blog drooling over outfits and nodding my head at teaching experiences. I, too, teach high school science (physics, physical, environmental) and psychology. Looking forward to more fashing this fall!


  10. Hi Erika,
    I accidentally ran into your blog a few days ago and loved all you’ve been posting. 🙂
    May I ask for the names of your glasses? I know they are warby parker’s but would you mind sharing the specific types? They look amazing on you (both the black frame and the tortoise frame)!


    1. the black ones are the Becketts. The tortoise ones are the Preston. I do also have Huxleys and Oats, but I like the Becketts the most.
      If you get a chance, try to visit one of their showrooms in NY or SF. Every time I go in there I leave with an order in mind!


  11. Hey! Just stumbled across your blog and have been following your geographic and teaching journeys. (I also love your photos!) I start solo teaching next fall, and I’m thinking of moving to NYC for my first teaching job. Any reflections from your Brooklyn days for a preservice teacher? I’d love to hear about your experiences at your school or with the job search if you have a free minute 🙂


    1. Hi Audrey! Thanks for reading, and I did get your email – Give me some time to find a free minute, but I do have a few things to tell you about job searching with NYCDOE.


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