I Love College

Many of my former students are starting their first years of college in the next few weeks, and I’m super excited for them.  This excitement (fueled by their updates on FB) is often mixed with fear that I didn’t help prepare them enough… lots of should haves and could haves.  Are they going to be screwed in freshman Bio because I didn’t make them memorize all the steps and intermediate molecules involved in the Kreb’s cycle?  Oh my god I ran out of time and never covered phylogenetic trees/cladograms!!!  Will they remember that hypo=under/below, iso=equal and hyper=over?  Are they going to maintain the self control needed to keep from partying themselves into hungover dropouts?!?!?  Will they remember my lesson on the benefits of delaying gratification?  O.M.G!

My fears for the impressionable young minds of my students were revisited the other evening when B and I went on a booze cruise down the East River hosted by coed.com (probably/most likely NSFW).  Coed.com is hosted on WordPress.com VIP (B is a developer at Automattic) and thus our invite and our free swag – blue sunglasses.  For the record, B and I held it together, there was no vomiting over the side, all staggering was due to the choppy waves on the river and we exercised self control and moderation.

I bought this dress (called the Shore House Shift dress) from Anthropologie over a year ago on sale.  It was a great buy because of the massive markdown, the high quality silk material and the cute little anchor buttons at the shoulder.  It’s held up pretty well too, but I’ve only worn it about 3 times.  This last time may be the last though, as I managed to get ketchup, pickle juice and just about every other condiment all over the front of it that night.  I’m not known as the family klutz for nothing, here’s hoping that I don’t ruin it totally trying to get the stains out.

dress and bag: anthropologie – shoes: madewell also seen heremustache necklace: purchased the renegade craft fair

I had to throw in this shot of B, because he’s cute and the glasses matched the lining of my bag.

The view from up top

Last friday, B and I were lucky enough to be a part celebrating the “becoming one” of Kyle and Heather, at the Top of The Mark.  The view was breathtaking, the happy newlywed couple was stunning and festivities were fantastic.

I’ve been loving the shots using my iPhone app Camera Awesome lately, so I haven’t even been bothering with lugging around my usual camera.  I bought this dress (from Banana Republic on super sale) at the beginning of last year and wore it once, to prom (may 2011).  It’s been siting in my closet ever since.   I love the color (mint!), it fits me perfectly and I like the look.  My brother-in-law Dave called it a toga once…and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.   Now B calls it ‘the toga dress’ too.

I didn’t get any full length shots of the dress, so I found another blogger who did here.

The ThirtyOnes

B turned 31 last thursday.  So friday night, we all went out to celebrate, meaning really good steak at Harris’.  I bought him a Cheap Monday Chambray shirt for his birthday. He hated it at first, begrudgingly tried it on to humor me, and ended up loving it, wearing it out that night. He rarely lets me dress him, so, success!! Happy Birthday, loves.

very quick, badly set up photo in B’s kitchen before we headed out for the night:

I love this Vasia dress.  It looks like a dark and stormy windy night.  I found it a while ago deep in the mess that is the Urban Outfitters sale section when they were having an extra 30% off sales promotion.  Not bad for $27 right?

The joys of getting older

There are a number of benefits to a birthday in the 30’s.  1) you are more concerned with a good bottle of wine than getting shit faced, 2) you have a good group of friends that will show up on time only up to 20 min late to the dinner reservation 3) you and your friends finally have some semblance of a career, meaning you can afford to add a nicer dinner on top of the usual birthday bar trip.

My good friend Devon turned 31 a couple of weekends ago.  Dev and I met when we were 24, a time when our birthdays consisted of getting shit faced and sweaty in the back dance floor of Delirium.  Over the years, those days have slipped away for good the most part.  Now in our 30’s, we both share a love of sweets, baking and Mac n’ Cheese.  Dev chose Grub, a comfort food type restaurant on Valencia for her birthday dinner.  They have a Mac n’ Cheese Bar.  You heard me right, a Mac n’ Cheese Bar where you order the basic and add toppings as you like such as steak, lobster, panchetta, brocolli, etc.  I’m really great horrible at making menu choices, so I actually skipped the Mac n’ Cheese and instead ordered the steak.  B was smart brilliant and ordered Mac n’ Cheese with steak. He was awesome enough to let me steal some of his in the end.

More snapshots from the night:

Aaaaand, one of the funniest things from the night, seeing 6’4″ B try and fit on Jen’s bike:

The Maritol

The Maritol, China Basin, San Francisco
image source

I’m on a Boat!  More than a few years ago, I visited the Maritol for the first time. At the time, there was one dude living on the ship and it wasn’t very decked out.  Since then, the Maritol has changed pretty dramatically, with a hot tub addition and a warmer atmosphere.   I was lucky enough to visit the ship a second time around last week when B and I were invited to a Boat! party.

An invitation to a boat party to me is just another excuse for nautical stuff.  I think B had the same thought because when we met up to go to the party, we were both wearing blue stripes.  He’s such a biter.

Narwhals are so magical!  I picked up this Narwhal necklace at the Renegade Craft Fair this past December from the Unicorn Crafts Booth.  

glasses: bonlook – cardigan and pants: j.crew – top: anthropologie (old) – boots: steve madden – jewelry: unicorn crafts, gifts from B and made by me

I’m not going to lie, the whole evening on the boat this video was playing through my head.

Tree Trimmers

A few weeks ago, I went to a tree trimming party at my gorgeous friend Aimee’s house. Aimee teaches at the same high school as me (right above me actually on the infamous 3rd floor!) as do (or did) all the other lovely ladies.  We had a blast of course, and managed to keep the teacher talk to a minimum.

Aimee has fab taste and decorates her tree with a bird theme.  I stole one of those birds and made myself a new fascinator. But then maybe pirate look was better?

We are all teachers, and we all have super interesting things to say.  some of the things said that night would probably scandalize a good percentage of americans.  especially when said teachers play scandalous games.  Cards Against Humanity.  I highly recommend it.  B bought the set off of kickstarter.com a while ago and it’s been the go to game for every party.  It helps us old fogey teachers stay on top of all the popular disgusting things out there.

 My friends are just a sampling of how dedicated and talented teachers can be.  They work long hours and invest themselves physically, and even more so, emotionally in their classrooms.  They are all amazing educators who strive to make a difference every day.  Day to day we are faced with daunting, discouraging, bureaucratic and social problems that are too immense to tackle by ourselves.  We combat these soul crushing adversities through support, hugs, and a bit of alcohol.  =)  My ex-parter-in-bio-teaching Ann calls it trauma bonding and I’ve yet to hear a better descriptor.

bottom row: nicole (ELD formerly known as ESL), Alexis (SpED), Anne (English)  top row: me (Bio/health/Physiology), Aimee (ELD/English), Jen (English).  Missing from the photo was Ann, aka Zhaoweezy (bio/physiology).  ❤

The boys are not teachers, but they are teacher lovers.  I know this because they love us.  They are the ones who clean up the emotional messes we bring home with us.  They are also the ones who bask in our glow when we have success.  They give us encouragement, affirmations, and they tell us constantly that they are proud of us and our work.  Everyone needs that kind of support regardless of what the day job is, and I’m thankful that we have these dudes to help fill that role (among other roles).

On to some pictures of what we wore!  fashion helps make us happy.  There is no better time than a holiday party to bust out the new dresses!

earrings made by me – cardigan and necklace: f21 (not-so-secret-santa gift from Alexis) – dress, lipstick and belt: j.crew – over the knee socks: urban outfitters – booties: nine west

P.S. check out Aimee’s blog Past the Mission.  Its fantastic!