Alameda Flea

Last weekend, we took a trip across the bay to the alameda flea for the first time.  I don’t usually gravitate towards vintage clothes or things.  I’m not a “thrifter”, the rifling through racks and racks of stuff just turns me off.  As well as that certain vintage smell that all second hand clothes come with. Not a fan.  I know by saying that I’m anti-vintage, I’m going against what every fashion loving person claims to be the best source of awesomeness.  Oh well.

When it comes to furniture though, I’m all about mid-century modern style vintage type things.  I saw much of that at the Alameda Flea, but nothing I couldn’t do without.  We did have some lucky finds though.  B’s friend Ray who has a baby on the way bought an awesome tricycle that B rode around the rest of the day.

Something I wanted to buy, but didn’t:  Outdoor kerosine lamps.

I wanted that SCHOOL sign!  And this french cardiovascular system chart!

Our finds:  3 anchor thingies probably to get mounted on a wall and an anchor trivet.