a California weekend

With our move to the east coast looming, B and I are trying to squeeze in as much Northern Cali as we can. I want to do all my favorite things and see all my favorite people as much as possible before I leave. My list was hella long, but I’ve been working on whittling it down. checked two off this weekend.


10 mile hike through Robert Louis Stevenson state park by Calistoga. I struggled a bit with the climb, but in the end it was worth it.


Next up was a trip to Great America. Last time I came here it was on a physics class field trip. Rides haven’t progressed much. The biggest change was the names of the rides. Paramount doesn’t own Great America anymore, and they’ve changed the name of my favorite ride from “Top Gun” to “Flight Deck”. meh.

Sandy won me a Domo 🙂