tickle my fancy

Things that have been doing it for me lately, things that tickle that little happy place in my brain/heart.

plastic taxidermy

west side

hella whiskey

noodley appendages


happy feet

1. Safari animal heads to hold my necklaces.

2. My newest addition from Retro Whale.  West Side fo’ life.

3. Hella whiskey. B is getting quite a collection going.

4. A new watch (RIP the old MBMJ watch) and He, the holy Flying Spaghetti Monster with his noodley appendage, a broach.

5. Magazine rack built by B for us, from this DIY post.

6. Happy Bambi feet. I love my little punk ass dog so much.

P.S.  Thanks B, for #1, #2, and #4  ❤

Bad Dog!

Took Bambi on a walk today, and she immediately stated acting like a butthole – ie. growling, snarling and trying to attack other dogs.  She has serious small-dog-asshole syndrome, that I’ve never been able to break.  My newest tactic has been to try the Gentle Leader.  All it’s done so far is make her look even crazier when we pass other dogs, which in turn makes me look like the crappiest dog owner ever.  I’m not a bad dog owner, I swear!  She’s just a crazy mean old chihuahua.  See below, Butthole Bambi in action on a normal everyday walk.

Her being a butthole on our entire walk soured my mood, which then soured the mood of the aussie, B.  Not even my new scarf fixed things and I had a squeeze out a smile for this photo.  

hat: f21 – glasses – warby parker – scarf: madewell – jacket: urban outfitters – t-shirt: hanes – belt: gap – jeans: hella old j. brand – bag: marc by arc – shoes: adidas

PS.  I’ve had Bambi for about 6 years now, and she’s been this way the whole time.  I’ve tried everything under the sun to train her, from dog whisperer style to pack walks to muzzles to hired expensive trainers.  Nothing has worked, so I’ve resigned to just accept her for who she is – a mostly sweet cuddler who loves squeaky toys but hates all other dogs and children.  And before you pass judgment on me for naming my dog Bambi, she came from the rescue with a gag-reflex name: Barbie.

No butts about it

glasses: warby parker – cardigan: j.crew – tank and booties: uo (different online price)- jeans and necklace: f21 laundry tote: ikea

I wish I were that kind of California girl.  The kind that goes skinny dipping in the 50˚ F San Francisco waters.  I’m more the type to fall into the 50˚F SF Bay while sailing on Viking.

I picked up this shirt just yesterday at Urban Outfitters, when my sis and I were early to meet B at Xi’An Famous Foods in the East Village for dinner.  Another cheapie score, ringing in at $7.50.  I immediately thought of the (possibly NSFW) video for Human Condition, by one of my favorite SF local bands, Nova Albion.  

Just in case you were wondering:  No, I did not wear this tank to school.

Grid-Walking Part 2

Today we walked Quadrant 2 of our grid-walking plan: Union St/6th Ave to 7th St/Prospect Park West.  Fall is definitely settling in, and I couldn’t be happier with the cooler temperatures.  I wouldn’t call it cold by any means, but it’s cool enough for a holey sweater and a very thin puffy in a fall plaid.  I’m not even quite done with the plaid yet, but this Uniqlo puffy is a recent addition to my fall arsenal.

Oh, and I dyed my hair last weekend.  There was a sale on hair dye at CVS and I had a coupon for an extra $2 off.  $4.50 later, I have black hair.  Something new for cheap.

puffer: uniqlo (bought during a $10 off special)- sweater: anthro, evening chill pullover (old)- belt: h&m – coated twill pants: urban outfitters (I bought mine on sale for $30 in-store, online they’re full price still)- shoes: vans (super old) – bag: freitag

Go wan us

B has a walking plan for us.  We’re walking the grid in our area of Park Slope.  Eventually, by the time we’ve snaked up and down every street, we’ll have covered every single block north/south between 8th – 3rd ave, and east/west between Union st – 16th st. The idea is to cover everything and make note of interesting spots and places we like, a full-scale exploration of our hood.  Today we covered 3 miles of the walking plan.  There’s cool stuff out there!

glasses: warby parker – tee: mnkr – jeans: h&m – bag: freitag – sneakers: converse – belt: gap

These ‘boyfriend’ jeans were a $7 find at H&M.  I love them, but I seem to be the only one. My sister says they give me a flat butt (they do), my mom says they highlight my long torso/short leg proportions (it does – my height is all in my freakishly long torso) and B says they “don’t look like any kind of fashion, they just look like big old jeans” (the point exactly. duh).

Furlough Friday

It was a furlough friday.  So Aimee, Anne and I went for a stroll around Aimee’s hood.  Right off of 21st street, there is this amazing mural.  Totally worth checking out if you happen to be near by, which is exactly what we did.  I needed to get a picture with the bambi deer thing.  I was picturing it trying to take a bite out of my butt, which is what Bambi tries to do sometimes (poor thing is just too short).

The ‘weekend’ called for the weekend uniform.  jeans, v-neck, a hoodie and my Freitag bag.  This bag is probably the oldest thing I own that I still love and use regularly.  I bought it in Switzerland back in 2001.  It’s so awesome and so well made it’s lasted this long even with hardcore proper use (just about every day for more than 5 years).  Check out Freitag, they make the best bags ever.  seriously.
rx sunnies: bonlook – jacket: old urban outfitters – hoodie: american apparel – t shirt: threads for thought via nordstrom rack – belt: old gap – jeans: current elliot – my most favorite old old booties ever: BP by nordstrom – bag: freitag – necklace: family heirloom

My mom helped me braid my hair this morning.  I saw it here a few days ago and wanted it.  And since I know people get curious and I field this question all the time (more than you can imagine): Yes, it did hurt.  No it does not hurt anymore.  I’ve had these for years (since 2004 I think).  Yes, I still like them.  

P.S.  I’m not mad, this is just how my face is.  People always ask me that too.

bambi love

It was a rough week.  Kicked a kid out of class wednesday, unwillingly found myself in an email exchange with an agressive, defensive, miserly co-worker and ended the week with 110 kids practicing putting condoms on two wooden ‘replicas’.   I’m the type of teacher who thinks a school really needs to function like a well oiled machine.  We are all part of a team, the same team.  So when someone on your team is consistently an defensive a-hole who jumps down everyone’s throat, it makes a hard job even harder.

So I bought myself a heart sweater.  I figured a big whopping heart on my chest would help  me recover from one of those soul crushing weeks that sometimes comes with being a teacher.

Some love from my dog bambi helped too.

Then inspiration struck.  Bambi needed a sweater too!

glasses: bonlook – sweater: j.crew – pants: f21 – shoes: bass