1.  brekky.  Reintroducing dairy into my diet with the biggest blueberries I’ve ever seen.  Also, this iced coffee mixed from this cold brew concentrate is amazeballs.  seriously.  It’s like Blue Bottle‘s New Orleans style iced coffee….always in your fridge.

2. My desk is all set up, and very cluttered already.

3. & 4. new glasses.  I visited the Warby Parker showroom last week to get my old Huxleys adjusted.  My eyes are still getting worse (-6.75 now), so I took the time to try on every single frame they carry for my new prescription.  Meet my new Becketts.  I still really like these and still want them, but I can’t justify paying over $150 for glasses (with Rx lenses) anymore since I discovered the plethora of online optical offerings such as Warby Parker (my fave), Bonlook, Mezzmer, and Tortoise & Blonde.

5. & 6. new pullover.  OMG so adrobs, right?  Who doesn’t like meerkats?  Yes, I know it was expensive ($80!! don’t tell my mom!), but I couldn’t resist.  So. damn. cute.  Sold out online, hop over to a Madewell store if you agree this cuteness is worth $80.