The Greys

Winter’s color palette is here.  The leaves have fallen, a blizzard is brewing and everything looks grey.   I’m matching the vibe today – muted and grey.  A storm is brewing here in Denver.  This means ski/board season has begun!

Short post today – not much else to say except eat well and rest well over the Thanksgiving break!


glasses: bon look – sweater: madewell – jeans: h&m – belt: gap – boots: cole haan via nordstrom rack

Some Random Tuesday

These are from last week, when we were all stressed over our School Quality review. It also happened to be one of the first beautiful spring days of 2013.  Of course, now that the SQR is over and we can actually enjoy life again, it’s overcast and cold. On this day last week, my legs made an appearance for the fist time this year.  Hello spring!  I’m also a particular fan of this sweater, found in the clearance cave of Anthropologie.  B hates it – he says it’s too granny hipster for him.  Whateves, I LOVE IT.  Tuesday3


Tuesday 4

glasses: bonlook – necklace: unicorn crafts – sweater: anthopologie – belt and skit: j.crew – shoes and white tank: target

striper, not stripper

I bought this dress a while ago, and decided the weather was just cool enough today to wear it again.  The material is cheap polyester that doesn’t breathe, so if it’s too hot out, it sticks.   Can’t ask for too much though, it’s from Forever 21 and it was ridiculously cheap at $15 or something.  I got loads of compliments on it today, so I figured I needed to take the time to put it on here…and I don’t have to lesson plan for tomorrow.  yay!!!! It’s like a free night!  I still have an albeit smallish stack of grading/giving feedback though so it’s not entirely free–it’s just discounted.  The did-you-catch-that-bio-joke-I-just-made face, and the you-better-check-yourself face.  I’m covering organic compounds in class right now, and I made a joke about carbon being the elemental popular kid.  I think I was the only one who chuckled at the joke.   I also had 3 almost blow ups in class today.  I was able to diffuse 2 of them, but I’m pretty sure I now have at least one teacher-student relationship to mend.  One thing’s for sure though, that mending is going to start with this kid actually doing some work in class.

glasses: bonlook – necklace: unicorn crafts (btw, how cute is this?  seriously!!) – dress with belt: f21 – shoes: madewell



1.  brekky.  Reintroducing dairy into my diet with the biggest blueberries I’ve ever seen.  Also, this iced coffee mixed from this cold brew concentrate is amazeballs.  seriously.  It’s like Blue Bottle‘s New Orleans style iced coffee….always in your fridge.

2. My desk is all set up, and very cluttered already.

3. & 4. new glasses.  I visited the Warby Parker showroom last week to get my old Huxleys adjusted.  My eyes are still getting worse (-6.75 now), so I took the time to try on every single frame they carry for my new prescription.  Meet my new Becketts.  I still really like these and still want them, but I can’t justify paying over $150 for glasses (with Rx lenses) anymore since I discovered the plethora of online optical offerings such as Warby Parker (my fave), Bonlook, Mezzmer, and Tortoise & Blonde.

5. & 6. new pullover.  OMG so adrobs, right?  Who doesn’t like meerkats?  Yes, I know it was expensive ($80!! don’t tell my mom!), but I couldn’t resist.  So. damn. cute.  Sold out online, hop over to a Madewell store if you agree this cuteness is worth $80.

stripes and height

A kid said that I looked too serious today.  Must of been the new nude colored blazer I picked up from F21 yesterday.  It could have also been the height.  These Sweedish Hasbeens for H&M sandals put me at 6’3″.  Even the science department head remarked on how tall I was today.  Yeah, I’m tall.  But I still love tall-ish shoes.

glasses: bonlook – blazer: F21 – sweater: madewell – tank (underneath): target – belt: banana republic (old) – jeans: j.brand – shoes: h&m – bag: jcrew

Furlough Friday

It was a furlough friday.  So Aimee, Anne and I went for a stroll around Aimee’s hood.  Right off of 21st street, there is this amazing mural.  Totally worth checking out if you happen to be near by, which is exactly what we did.  I needed to get a picture with the bambi deer thing.  I was picturing it trying to take a bite out of my butt, which is what Bambi tries to do sometimes (poor thing is just too short).

The ‘weekend’ called for the weekend uniform.  jeans, v-neck, a hoodie and my Freitag bag.  This bag is probably the oldest thing I own that I still love and use regularly.  I bought it in Switzerland back in 2001.  It’s so awesome and so well made it’s lasted this long even with hardcore proper use (just about every day for more than 5 years).  Check out Freitag, they make the best bags ever.  seriously.
rx sunnies: bonlook – jacket: old urban outfitters – hoodie: american apparel – t shirt: threads for thought via nordstrom rack – belt: old gap – jeans: current elliot – my most favorite old old booties ever: BP by nordstrom – bag: freitag – necklace: family heirloom

My mom helped me braid my hair this morning.  I saw it here a few days ago and wanted it.  And since I know people get curious and I field this question all the time (more than you can imagine): Yes, it did hurt.  No it does not hurt anymore.  I’ve had these for years (since 2004 I think).  Yes, I still like them.  

P.S.  I’m not mad, this is just how my face is.  People always ask me that too.

Weekend love note

It’s always fun to find love notes left for you from your students on the white board. Yesterday, one of my fav students, “A”, left me this love note.  She found the boxes of preserved specimens waiting to get dissected.  Guess who wants to take physiology next year!  “A” also played photog for me.  Good job, A!

glasses: bonlook – infinity scarf: american apparel – blazer: madewell – sweater: j.crew – belt: gap – jeans: uniqlo – booties – steve madden

tiny flowers

It’s friday. The kids have finally stopped singing that Rebecca Black song on fridays.  I know floral jeans have been all over the blogosphere lately, my favorites here, there, here and there.  I’ve had these Forever 21 jeans sitting in my closet since last september and have only worn them once.  No better time than now to pull them out for the second time.  My students knew right away where I found these jeans.  One teenager even told me that she has the same pants.  Great.  I dress like a teenager.  A big teenager that can confiscate your hats and cell phones.  I really tall teenager who forces you to write TEA paragraphs about why income is the greatest indicator obesity in the US and then imitates your groaning.  Happy friday, kids!

glasses: bonlook – necklace, blazer and jeans: F21 – tank: target – v-neck: threads for thought via nordstrom rack – belt: gap – booties: steve madden – key lanyard: TMAHS

outfit stealing

I was browsing my usual blogs yesterday and came across this post from Calivintage (who got it from this post by, Milk Teeths).  I immediately pinned this look to my pinterest board for “looks I love”.  I already have high waisted blue pants!  So I stole the outfit idea and recreated it with what I already had in my closet.

By the way, these H&M Divided pants are the most comfortable pants ever.  It’s like wearing pajamas to work!  It was lunchtime, and I treated myself to a coffee ice cream bar.

glasses: bonlook – cardigan and pants: H&M – blouse: UO (from 2006!) – shoes: Target – bag and belt: J.Crew

A couple nights ago I painted sock monkey faces onto my nails.  Cute right?

The Maritol

The Maritol, China Basin, San Francisco
image source

I’m on a Boat!  More than a few years ago, I visited the Maritol for the first time. At the time, there was one dude living on the ship and it wasn’t very decked out.  Since then, the Maritol has changed pretty dramatically, with a hot tub addition and a warmer atmosphere.   I was lucky enough to visit the ship a second time around last week when B and I were invited to a Boat! party.

An invitation to a boat party to me is just another excuse for nautical stuff.  I think B had the same thought because when we met up to go to the party, we were both wearing blue stripes.  He’s such a biter.

Narwhals are so magical!  I picked up this Narwhal necklace at the Renegade Craft Fair this past December from the Unicorn Crafts Booth.  

glasses: bonlook – cardigan and pants: j.crew – top: anthropologie (old) – boots: steve madden – jewelry: unicorn crafts, gifts from B and made by me

I’m not going to lie, the whole evening on the boat this video was playing through my head.