my friday

Today is my friday….and friday for seniors (12th graders).  Tomorrow is senior cut day.  Senior cut day is supposed to be a secret, but of course we teachers find out eventually.  Usually it’s the meek straight A student asking for the work she/he will be missing because “uhh, I’m going to be sick.  cough. cough.” We all had a senior cut day when we were in high school right?  No big deal kid, I wasn’t planning to teach an empty classroom!  When I told my health class kids (mostly 9th graders) that they were going to have a sub tomorrow and that I expected them to behave and do the work I’m leaving for them, some kid yelled out, “it must be teacher cut day tomorrow!”  No, it’s not teacher cut day, I’m just going out of town….to New York!  Just for the weekend.

My favorite booties of all time.  I just got them back from the cobbler, heels refreshed.  I had worn them down to lopsided stubs in the years I’ve worn them.  I love them so much and have yet to find any other black bootie to even come close to how awesome these are.  Durable (the top still looks good!), comfy (I’ve walked all over Philly, DC and LA in these on various trips), and of course hella cute.  If there was a fire and I could save only one pair of shoes, these would be it.  I’ve searched high and low for a pair just like them but without any luck.  I’ve even purchased other black booties hoping I would like them as much as these.  But nothing comes even close to the awesomeness that are these booties.

glasses: warby parker – blazer and jeans: madewell – shirt: anthropologie (old) – belt: jcrew – booties: BP by Nordstrom (old) – bag: f21