put your hand on your heart and tell me…

We dissected sheep hearts today in my Physiology class.  “this was the highlight of my year, Ms. Scheck”, a student said.  That one tugged at my heart strings for sure.  Which by the way, if you’ve never dissected a heart before, heart strings are a real thing.  They hold your valves in place so to speak.  Here they are below:

Today was a good day.

bambi love

It was a rough week.  Kicked a kid out of class wednesday, unwillingly found myself in an email exchange with an agressive, defensive, miserly co-worker and ended the week with 110 kids practicing putting condoms on two wooden ‘replicas’.   I’m the type of teacher who thinks a school really needs to function like a well oiled machine.  We are all part of a team, the same team.  So when someone on your team is consistently an defensive a-hole who jumps down everyone’s throat, it makes a hard job even harder.

So I bought myself a heart sweater.  I figured a big whopping heart on my chest would help  me recover from one of those soul crushing weeks that sometimes comes with being a teacher.

Some love from my dog bambi helped too.

Then inspiration struck.  Bambi needed a sweater too!

glasses: bonlook – sweater: j.crew – pants: f21 – shoes: bass