tickle my fancy

Things that have been doing it for me lately, things that tickle that little happy place in my brain/heart.

plastic taxidermy

west side

hella whiskey

noodley appendages


happy feet

1. Safari animal heads to hold my necklaces.

2. My newest addition from Retro Whale.  West Side fo’ life.

3. Hella whiskey. B is getting quite a collection going.

4. A new watch (RIP the old MBMJ watch) and He, the holy Flying Spaghetti Monster with his noodley appendage, a broach.

5. Magazine rack built by B for us, from this DIY post.

6. Happy Bambi feet. I love my little punk ass dog so much.

P.S.  Thanks B, for #1, #2, and #4  ❤

stacks, heaps and loads

B and I have this thing about these three words.  I saw this DIY project on craftgawker a while ago and I loved the idea.  I even recreated the project twice so far with other canvases and phrases.  Third time around, I decided to switch it up a bit.  following the same ideas, I took a trip to Michael’s and created my own version:

I bought three blank canvases and covered all three in blue acrylic craft paint.  Later, I changed my mind and decided I liked the chrome spray paint a lot.  so I covered two of the blue canvases with chrome spray paint.

Next step was lettering.  It took forever to get all the stencils straight and evenly spaced.  All other blank space was then covered with tape.

While at michaels, I ended up purchasing both stencils and vinyl lettering, so I used both types.  In the end, I liked the look of the vinyl lettering more…should have stuck with one style.

Here are two of them, the ‘heaps’ one already spray painted.  next came the peeling off of the letters.  The stacks turned out really clean, no bleeding of the paint.  The heaps on the other hand with the stencils, bled a lot.

Next up was ‘loads’.  this one also had a chrome background, but I used the stencils for thicker letters and sponged it in with blue paint.

Again, there was loads of bleeding under the stencils.  oh well.

all supplies used, minus the tape:

I love them!  they go so well with my new sofa too!  I ordered this sofa 3 months ago and It was just delivered yesterday.  3 months of waiting since I chose different fabric from the stock upholstery.  It was worth the wait though.  Bambi loves it already!

Here she is snoozing.  She’s found her spot already…right in the middle of the couch.