fun stuffs

School is back in after a nice 3 day weekend (4 day for me).  LA was great, but it’s always nice to come home. Even nicer when you have presents waiting for you from hawaii!!  B was on a business trip in Oahu for a week and he was awesome enough to bring home some goodies for me.  Like this and this.  I’ve also been dying to try out Incoco nail wraps and he surprised me with them!

love them!  super easy and flashy.  I was never really into nail polish and stuff till recently when I kept seeing all the amazing nail art all over the blogs. Nail art is fun.  It’s cute.  Fun nails puts a bounce in my step, etc.  The kids react to my nails.  They make comments, they talk about it, it helps me relate to them and vice versa.  It works for me.  And it’s FUN!

Other recent nail art inspired by here and here: