B and I went to see one of my favorite local bands last Saturday, Geographer.  They were amazing, of course.  Check them out here.  They are amazeballs.  Seriously.  And watch this video below.  You will fall in love, I guarantee it.

I was having a wardrobe emergency trying to get ready for this show.  I swear, even with my exploding closet, I had nothing to wear.  So I busted out the fail safe backups: stripes, red lips and black skinny pants.  B took my photos, and we ran to the bus stop.  We missed the bus by half a block.  fail.  If there is one thing I learned growing up in San Francisco is never run for the bus.  You will almost always miss it, you’ll be even angrier for running late, you will end up a sweaty mess and you’ll look like that guy running for the bus and missing it.  Never again, I should have known better as a native San Franciscan.

an homage to

Have I mentioned how much I love Geographer yet?  Check this one out too, you will pee your pants from having your mind blown.

necklace: ach ach liebling (dead etsy shop, but I loved her jewelry) – jacket, last seen here: UO – hoodie: american apparel – tank: target – pants, last seen here: j.crew – bag: F21 – shoes: Anthropologie