The joys of getting older

There are a number of benefits to a birthday in the 30’s.  1) you are more concerned with a good bottle of wine than getting shit faced, 2) you have a good group of friends that will show up on time only up to 20 min late to the dinner reservation 3) you and your friends finally have some semblance of a career, meaning you can afford to add a nicer dinner on top of the usual birthday bar trip.

My good friend Devon turned 31 a couple of weekends ago.  Dev and I met when we were 24, a time when our birthdays consisted of getting shit faced and sweaty in the back dance floor of Delirium.  Over the years, those days have slipped away for good the most part.  Now in our 30’s, we both share a love of sweets, baking and Mac n’ Cheese.  Dev chose Grub, a comfort food type restaurant on Valencia for her birthday dinner.  They have a Mac n’ Cheese Bar.  You heard me right, a Mac n’ Cheese Bar where you order the basic and add toppings as you like such as steak, lobster, panchetta, brocolli, etc.  I’m really great horrible at making menu choices, so I actually skipped the Mac n’ Cheese and instead ordered the steak.  B was smart brilliant and ordered Mac n’ Cheese with steak. He was awesome enough to let me steal some of his in the end.

More snapshots from the night:

Aaaaand, one of the funniest things from the night, seeing 6’4″ B try and fit on Jen’s bike: