Miss! Are You Wearing Makeup?!

I started this post about 2 weeks ago, and then promptly forgot about it.  So here it is…2 weeks later!

This past Tuesday, I wore makeup to school – like I do every day. On this day, however, it was a big deal to 3rd period. The “Do-Now” conversation turned into “Miss! Are you wearing makeup today?” “Miss! do you have a date tonight, is that why?” and “Miss! you look pretty.”  Thanks for the ego boost kids!

The truth is, I wear makeup every day, but that morning, I decided to add bit bit of eye liner – one extra step that I don’t normally do. My everyday morning routine consists of hitting the snooze about 4 times, dragging myself out of bed to brush the teeth, wash the face, moisturize said face with SPF, and get dressed. Once those things are done, it’s makeup time. I slap on a light skin base of some sort, stave off the inevitable oily sheen with some powder, run some brown goop over the brows, and dab some life in the form of blush onto my cheeks. Then I head downstairs to pour about 32 fl. oz. of coffee into travel thermoses (I set the coffee maker the night before), grab a snack bar for lunch and head out the door.  20 min later I’m on my way in to school.






sweater: j.crew – blouse: madewell – jeans: j.brand – boots: h&m – belt: banana republic – everything old and not currently in stores

the regulars

The 5 things I put on my face every morning, for the past 5 years:

1) moisturizer/sunscreen:   Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 – The best basic.  No smell, non-greasy, protective and hydrating.  Not to mention fairly affordable at $31 for a bottle that lasts about 2.5 years.  Are there expiration dates for stuff like this?  shrug

2) concealer:  Benefit’s Play Sticks – I only put it on whatever spots I happen to have that morning, and around the edges of my nose where I’m always red.  30 seconds and I’m done.  The best non-drying, full coverage concealer ever, though it is marketed as a foundation.  One $34 stick will last me almost exactly a year.

3) and 4) powder foundation: Bare Minerals Matte Foundation/Bare Minerals Mineral Veil – No need to talk about it right? Hasn’t everyone and their mama tried this out at least once?  I hate having to put two things on for the same purpose, but the Mineral Veil does make a difference.  One $28 tub of the foundations will last me about 6 months and one $20 tub of mineral veil will last me a year.

5) blush:  Finally, my favorite product of all time, Tarte Cheek Stain in the color Blushing Bride (stupid name).  I look like a colorless zombie without at least some cheek color on.  This stuff is the best.  All natural, smells great, sheer, no shimmer (I hate shimmery stuff) and versatile.  Makes a great lip color too.  $30 and I’ve had the same tube for 2 years so far.  More than half the stick is still left. Granted, I do switch out this item for others here and there, but I always go right back to it eventually.

All in all, my 5 step morning routine takes 3 min, tops (not including teeth brushing and face washing – otherwise it would be 6 min).  Not bad right?

oh, and something fun I saw in the Mission a while ago out with Aimee and Anne:  holla!!