easy days

Thursdays we have staff meetings and early release at my school.  This translates into ‘easy days’, meaning short 40 min classes and the kids get out at 1:30 pm.  The kids like the early time off, I like how the shortened classes make the day seem to blow by (expect for the fact that I still teach night school till 5:30).  Yesterday I decided to really take it easy with no makeup, my everyday bun and my favorite no fuss dress.  It’s stretchy, jersey, soft and simple.  I love this dress so much I have it in 2 other colors.  It’s seriously fantastic.   Pockets and all.

I picked up this one last year, but it’s still available online from here and here.  I’m seriously debating buying the one in grey to go with my black, turquoise and pumpkin one.

Side note:  I don’t normally wear tall shoes to school.  I tower over the kids enough.  Yesterday, I got comments such as, “damn.  Ms. Schenck is a giant!” and “Now I can see your nose hairs!”  Thanks kids.  I ❤ my hella worn in H&M sweedish hasbeens.

dress: many belles down via ambiance – cardigan, tights and shoes: h&m classroom: Ms. Hsu’s