Teacher spotlight: Millie!

New feature here on Teacher Have Lives Too!  I’m not the only teacher at my school that has a life while simultaneously maintaining impeccable (if I may toot my own horn a bit) fashion sense, so it was only a matter of time till I convinced a co-worker to share his/her style posing for me.  First up is Ms. Cruz, better known as “Millie!” (you have to say it with gusto as you wave both your arms in a circle) in our teacher lounge.  Millie teaches US History at my school and she has the. best. dresses. ever.  She is a perfect example of someone who knows what suits her petite frame and style.  She’s so loved by her students that one of my culinary kids snuck out a cookie for her last week!  millie

Millies’s outfit is from: I don’t know because I had a brain fart and forgot to ask