Super Tuesday!

I just got back from my first ever caucus. A weird experience all around since I’m used to a primary system in California and New York. Both B and I were in a perpetual state of amazement while there.

co caucus

I wore my voting shirt today to school under my sweater and reviews were mixed. I got a lot of “that’s a sick shirt miss” along with advice on who to vote for (mostly for Bernie due to his free-college tuition stance). Some students were confused though and thought ‘sucka’ was ‘suck a’ (2 words).  They all wanted to know what the rest of my shirt said.  Hmmmm.  Does this make my shirt inappropriate?

super tuesday2


super tuesday


glasses: warby parker – sweater: banana republic – tshirt: mnkr – belt: gap – skirt: j.crew – tights: h&m – shoes: franco sarto


Sunny came to visit! She brought with her a nice reminder of San Francisco — I swear every overheard conversation this weekend involved SF in some way.  I’m off to spend the week near Fishkill, NY, camping with my crew (homeroom).  24 hours a day for 4 days with ten 14 year olds and no showers.  OMG. 

My stuff– sunnies: ray ban – be the change sucka tshirt: mnkr – belt: gap – skirt: j.crew – bag: freitag – boots: hella old bp

Go wan us

B has a walking plan for us.  We’re walking the grid in our area of Park Slope.  Eventually, by the time we’ve snaked up and down every street, we’ll have covered every single block north/south between 8th – 3rd ave, and east/west between Union st – 16th st. The idea is to cover everything and make note of interesting spots and places we like, a full-scale exploration of our hood.  Today we covered 3 miles of the walking plan.  There’s cool stuff out there!

glasses: warby parker – tee: mnkr – jeans: h&m – bag: freitag – sneakers: converse – belt: gap

These ‘boyfriend’ jeans were a $7 find at H&M.  I love them, but I seem to be the only one. My sister says they give me a flat butt (they do), my mom says they highlight my long torso/short leg proportions (it does – my height is all in my freakishly long torso) and B says they “don’t look like any kind of fashion, they just look like big old jeans” (the point exactly. duh).

change comes from within

my friday outfit for a cold foggy san francisco day.  I bought this t-shirt thinking that the kids would get it…that they have to be the change if they want social change.  sadly, they don’t get it right off the bat.  but they will…   I bought mine from the renegade craft fair this past december.  You can find the brand here.  I’m a big fan this and this (though i would never wear it at school) design also.

glasses: warby parker – tshirt: MNKR and target – jeans: madewell – boots: frye – hoodie: TMAHS class of 2012

My new school hoodie!