nailing the nails.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything for a number of reasons I won’t go into yet.  But here are some nails I’ve been banging out lately.

As you can see, I’m never perfect with nails, and it’s a constant battle to try and keep them from getting all messed up while waiting for them to dry.  I enjoy the process more than the end product.  I pin nail art, peruse for inspiration and get working.  Inspiration for some of of these designs came from here, here, here and here.


Crowns, crumpets and Jason.

One thing I dislike about being a responsible adult is scheduling.  It evolved slowly.  double bookings here and there, missed deadlines occasionally.  Then it started snowballing and I realized I had to start scheduling everything.  What’s even harder than maintaining my own schedule is trying to match it with two other schedules, Devon’s and Marisa’s.  We manage to do it though, averaging one chick date a month.

This month, our chick date was for afternoon tea at Crown and Crumpet. Super cute, super girlie and just the thing to revive me from last night’s Glass Candy show.  Tea, scones, crumpets, and sandwiches with no crusts really does wonders.  We got temporary tattoos with our tea.  =)

I lucked out and scored a Jason Wu for Target dress last week.  It must have been a return because the day it debuted, both SF area Targets sold out.  I saw it randomly when I stopped in for nail polish and promptly snatched it up.  This also meant I had to give myself a matching manicure.  The pink dress was perfect for tea and a sunny brisk SF day.

the chicks, Devon and Marisa.

<– weird stretched arm self shot trying to get in my earrings.

dress: Jason Wu for Target – cardigan, bag and tights: J.Crew – booties: Steve Madden – earrings: gift from B’s mum – sunnies: old Anthropologie


I do my nails just about every sunday evening.  I plan my lesson for monday, and I reward myself with music/mindless TV and pretty nails.

The biggest hit with the teenagers by far: Pokeball nails

This design took a while but was pretty simple in the end.  Full grey nails, covered half way with red.  Then add a white dot and outline with black sharpie marker (or sally hansen nail polish pens).  By the way, this photo was taken on Australia Day where B (the aussie) and I celebrated with Coopers Pale Ale and special edition sheepskin stubbie holders by Aussie Bentley.

This week, I went more geometric.  B bought me a 3 month subscription to Birchbox, and january’s box came with this lavender Zoya polish.  It’s pretty enough, but I’m not a fan of the brush or the viscosity.

back to school

Today is the first day back after the winter break.  Also the first day of the spring semester.  which means it feels like the first day of school all over again.  I have a whole new batch of health students (one semester long course) and I’m playing the getting to know you game today.

A few things that would help anyone get to know me: