out in the city

A couple weeks ago, while all the Automattic folks were in town, we went out for drinks.  It was the end of the night (which is 4am here in NYC!!!!).  B got a snazzy new Canon point and shoot camera for Christmas from his brother Kai, and Hugo (designer extraordinaire) directed this shot.

cardi, belt and bag: j.crew – dress: madewell – booties: Nordstro BP (old)

I really should be enjoying this hot weather while it lasts.  I would more, if my apartment wasn’t permanently hot.  We live above a grocery store, and their refrigeration or air conditioning directs the heat back into the building…floors 2 and up.  So our apartment is at least 10 degrees hotter inside than out.  With little tiny windows to boot.  It is 86˚F in here right now and I can feel the heat radiating from the floors.