bacon bacon bacon, and caramel

I bought B a couple of these for his christmas stocking this year:

We shared one last night and OMG, it was, as my friend Zhaoweezy puts it so elegantly, an orgasm of the mouth.  Imagine the best salted caramels ever: the perfect amount of salt mixed with rich butter and smooth sugar.  Then coat that in rich smooth chocolate.  Now inject all that with strong hints of bacon and bacon bits.  H e l l a.  A m a z i n g.  B kept gushing about these a full 5 min later.  He said he could still taste the amazingness and he never wanted it to go away.

I highly recommend trying these at least once, if not only once.  It’s like crack, for the price of diamonds.  Pricey, but oh so exquisite.  Check out their website, Nosh This sells online.  I purchased them at the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair back in December.