last week

It’s my last week with my seniors.  So I’m ending physio class with a bang: fetal pig and cat dissections.  One kid cried, another (future marine) had to leave.  Other than that, there were happy faces all around.

FYI, all students pictures are over 18 and have given consent for the photos.

It’s teacher appreciation week.  I got some love today.  Warm fuzzies all over.

put your hand on your heart and tell me…

We dissected sheep hearts today in my Physiology class.  “this was the highlight of my year, Ms. Scheck”, a student said.  That one tugged at my heart strings for sure.  Which by the way, if you’ve never dissected a heart before, heart strings are a real thing.  They hold your valves in place so to speak.  Here they are below:

Today was a good day.