tickle my fancy

Things that have been doing it for me lately, things that tickle that little happy place in my brain/heart.

plastic taxidermy

west side

hella whiskey

noodley appendages


happy feet

1. Safari animal heads to hold my necklaces.

2. My newest addition from Retro Whale.  West Side fo’ life.

3. Hella whiskey. B is getting quite a collection going.

4. A new watch (RIP the old MBMJ watch) and He, the holy Flying Spaghetti Monster with his noodley appendage, a broach.

5. Magazine rack built by B for us, from this DIY post.

6. Happy Bambi feet. I love my little punk ass dog so much.

P.S.  Thanks B, for #1, #2, and #4  ❤