The view from up top

Last friday, B and I were lucky enough to be a part celebrating the “becoming one” of Kyle and Heather, at the Top of The Mark.  The view was breathtaking, the happy newlywed couple was stunning and festivities were fantastic.

I’ve been loving the shots using my iPhone app Camera Awesome lately, so I haven’t even been bothering with lugging around my usual camera.  I bought this dress (from Banana Republic on super sale) at the beginning of last year and wore it once, to prom (may 2011).  It’s been siting in my closet ever since.   I love the color (mint!), it fits me perfectly and I like the look.  My brother-in-law Dave called it a toga once…and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.   Now B calls it ‘the toga dress’ too.

I didn’t get any full length shots of the dress, so I found another blogger who did here.