Snow Day

We’ve already had a snow day here in Denver!  Our last week of school before the winter break was finals week – and we had a snow day right in the middle of it.  Timing wasn’t great, but having a surprise day off is totally amazing.  It snowed about a foot that day.  Now it may not seem like it, but I do in fact have a life outside of my classroom (see my instagram for proof) and I do wear clothes everyday.  I have every intention of blogging more outside of the classroom in 2016, so I’m starting now.  I set up the tripod in the backyard, and stood outside in the snow.  B looks at me funny when I do this, but OH WELL.

I got out of my pajamas on this snow day just to go to the mall for some Christmas shopping.  Basic t-shirt and jeans thing.  It was snowing like crazy, but Denver hardly ever feels all that cold.  It is cold, and it does snow here (lots), but its so much more pleasant and “winter wonderland-ish” compared to the biting, icy, miserable sleet that would happen in New York City.

snow in denver3snow in denver2snow in denver

beanie and cardigan: uniqlo – hoodie: threadless – t shirt: threads for thought – jeans: h&m – belt: gap – boots: dr. martins