Madewell Love/Drool/Lust

I’m obsessed with Madewell.  Our San Francisco Madewell just opened this past July, but I’ve been stalking Madwell ever since their online retail debut.  It’s my favorite store.  It’s the  cooler, hipster J.Crew.

The new spring collection looks came out recently and I’m feeling giddy.  Super cute stuff…and my new dress is part of it!  Perfect teacher outfits! I die.  I lust. I drool.   I wait….for sales.I constantly have to remind myself that I am on a teacher’s budget.  Madewell sadly, is more often than not well outside of that budget.  It’s a process, but sometimes I end up with great deals.  I wait and wait for things to go on sale.  Then I wait and wait for the extra 30% off sales campaigns.  Then I go to the store to see if they have it in stock to save on  shipping.  Only then do I splurge on Madewell.  The spring dress I just bought, from look #1 above, was brand new to the store, but there was a 30% off all dresses promotion going on which brought the cost down to about $90.  There was a lot of internal money guilt back and forth, but in the end I knew I had to have it. It was just too cute to pass up. Now I will wait for Look 4 and 7 to go on sale!