“No offense Ms. Schenck, but you kinda look like a nurse.”

I’ve had this white dress for over a year and today was only the second time I’ve worn it.  It’s been living unworn in my closet this whole time.  I stare at it every once in a while, but that was about it until I saw this post by Cheetah is the New Black.  I was inspired to pull it out and try something similar.  I love the dress, but it’s white.  That means I’m just asking for a big red stain.  Which was exactly what happened today at lunch.  I grabbed a sponge that is normally used for dissecting kits and trays, splashed some soap on it and managed to scrub the heck out of the stain.  Semi success, enough to keep it still looking like a ‘nurse dress’ (Thanks, kid in 6th period, for that comment.  Nothing wrong with looking like a nurse!)

Teachers have outside lives too that we have to remember to nurture.  So this evening was pizza catch up night with Zhaoeezy (Ann).  She was my photog and my comic relief for the night.  Not to mention friend and pizza chef.  Thanks Ann!

scarf: gift from Aimee, F21 – cardigan: hella old from Therapy in SF – belt and tights: J. Crew – dress and raincoat: Anthropoligie – boots: steve madden -tote: gift from my sis, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Crowns, crumpets and Jason.

One thing I dislike about being a responsible adult is scheduling.  It evolved slowly.  double bookings here and there, missed deadlines occasionally.  Then it started snowballing and I realized I had to start scheduling everything.  What’s even harder than maintaining my own schedule is trying to match it with two other schedules, Devon’s and Marisa’s.  We manage to do it though, averaging one chick date a month.

This month, our chick date was for afternoon tea at Crown and Crumpet. Super cute, super girlie and just the thing to revive me from last night’s Glass Candy show.  Tea, scones, crumpets, and sandwiches with no crusts really does wonders.  We got temporary tattoos with our tea.  =)

I lucked out and scored a Jason Wu for Target dress last week.  It must have been a return because the day it debuted, both SF area Targets sold out.  I saw it randomly when I stopped in for nail polish and promptly snatched it up.  This also meant I had to give myself a matching manicure.  The pink dress was perfect for tea and a sunny brisk SF day.

the chicks, Devon and Marisa.

<– weird stretched arm self shot trying to get in my earrings.

dress: Jason Wu for Target – cardigan, bag and tights: J.Crew – booties: Steve Madden – earrings: gift from B’s mum – sunnies: old Anthropologie

the perfect bio teacher dress

I snagged this dress from Anthropologie a year and a half ago.  It is my favorite teacher’s dress, especially for a Bio teacher.  After all, there are animals on it!  It’s perfect: warm, soft, comfy and cute.

pockets!!  An essential for the classroom.  Stash keys, stamps, pencils, paperclips and confiscated cell phones.



See how other bloggers wear this dress here, here and here.  That first link, Complex Cardigans? written by a high school math teacher.  I like.

I really wish Anthro would come out with another perfectly cut shirtdress like this one, the Southward Stop Dress.  Shirt dresses make mornings so much easier and faster.

cardigan and tights: j.crew – dress: anthropologie – boots: steve madden – watch: marc by marc jacobs – on wrists: paracord, hair elastics, bracelet from my g-ma that never comes off

The Maritol

The Maritol, China Basin, San Francisco
image source

I’m on a Boat!  More than a few years ago, I visited the Maritol for the first time. At the time, there was one dude living on the ship and it wasn’t very decked out.  Since then, the Maritol has changed pretty dramatically, with a hot tub addition and a warmer atmosphere.   I was lucky enough to visit the ship a second time around last week when B and I were invited to a Boat! party.

An invitation to a boat party to me is just another excuse for nautical stuff.  I think B had the same thought because when we met up to go to the party, we were both wearing blue stripes.  He’s such a biter.

Narwhals are so magical!  I picked up this Narwhal necklace at the Renegade Craft Fair this past December from the Unicorn Crafts Booth.  

glasses: bonlook – cardigan and pants: j.crew – top: anthropologie (old) – boots: steve madden – jewelry: unicorn crafts, gifts from B and made by me

I’m not going to lie, the whole evening on the boat this video was playing through my head.