To a Tee

I found this skirt at the start of summer at Beacon’s closet.  My friend Grace and I were out for a lazy walk in our ‘hood when we stopped in on a whim.  I’d been there to root around a few times before, but generally speaking, thrifting is not something a get a thrill out of.  But this day was my lucky day!  Equal parts cheeky, cute and teacher friendly.  It also fit me to a tee.  Zing!  I don’t play golf at all.  My only experience with golf was back in ’98 when I went with a boyfriend at the time to the driving range (back when there was one in Mission Bay) where he hit (drove?) a bucket of balls and I just watched.
to a tee2

to a tee3

to a tee4

It was hot as hell today and some ridiculous percent humidity.  My hair was down for all of the five minutes it too me to take these photos at lunch.  Also, the sweat just makes my glasses slide right off — it’s a constant battle to push them up, which means I get to inadvertently give people the finger sometimes.

to a tee

glasses: warby parker (I really want them in seaglass blue too) – tank: super old banana republic – skirt: beacon’s closet – shoes: worishofer