fern fancy

Today’s outfit was fern crazy.  Surprised by kids again today — no comments on the fancy tights.  huh.  go figure.  I suspect it’s because I made them sing group written songs about nutrition to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star.  It’s really great when kids can laugh at themselves.  I genuinely feel like it helps kids learn how to cope with being on the spot in an embarrassing situation.  Especially when they have a built-in support structure in the form of group members who are also in the same situation.  The group support and the entire class also signing silly embarrassing songs takes away most if not all of the horrifying embarrassment.  I wish you could have all seen it. It was amazing!

My example song that I had to sing by myself to three different health classes today:

vegies vegies oh so green, hope I eat enough of you.     So much better for my health, than a package of Cheetos….vegies vegies oh so green. hope I eat enough of you.   Huzzah!!

I love these tights.  They remind me of sporophytes running up the backs of fern fronds.  or just the leaves.  I didn’t get all OCD this morning with the lines like I usually do.  Oh well.
glasses: warby parker – cardigan and tights: j. crew – tank: target – vest and necklace: f21 – pencil skirt: banana republic – booties: nine west