Thanksgiving break officially has started for me.  YAY.  I get tomorrow “off” with the rest of the science department, because my principal is generously sending us to the Colorado Science Conference for Professional Development.  I’m so freaking excited.  I haven’t attended a science conference since my first year, when the NTSA held their national conference in SF.  As a first year teacher, it was all wasted on me while in survival mode.  This time around, I’m ready with my science teacher hat.  I need a fresh step in my science curriculum.

I love science.  I teach science.  Every. single. PD I attend is about reading/writing/speaking (common core).  Where is the science at?  No where.  Until now.  Have I mentioned how excited I am about tomorrow?

the feels

the feels2

the feels3

cardigan and jeans: madewell – belt: gap – shirt: uniqlo – boots: doc martins

The Greys

Winter’s color palette is here.  The leaves have fallen, a blizzard is brewing and everything looks grey.   I’m matching the vibe today – muted and grey.  A storm is brewing here in Denver.  This means ski/board season has begun!

Short post today – not much else to say except eat well and rest well over the Thanksgiving break!


glasses: bon look – sweater: madewell – jeans: h&m – belt: gap – boots: cole haan via nordstrom rack

Wannabe French Cool Girl

I have a super fashion crush on French girls (women) such as Emmanuelle Alt, Lou Doillon and Capucine Safyurtlu.  Their look is functional, sleek, irreverent, and a bit bad ass.  They are also blazer people, meaning a blazer is as natural on them as a pair of jeans. I am not a blazer person.  A quick Google image search for “5 piece french wardrobe” will bring up all the cliche frenchie pieces – a striped shirt, jeans, blazers, boots.  All the things I chose for my wannabe french cool girl outfit.  I wish I were a cool french girl.  I guess I’ll just have to settle for being a poseur.





glasses: warby parker – blazer and top: madewell – cardigan: uniqlo – belt: gap –  jeans: j.brand via nordstrom rack – boots: cole haan via nordstrom rack

The October Slump

We’re well into the famed October slump,  the one where teachers look tired, worn out and defeated because they are tired, feeling defeated and worn down.  In the words of Jim Furman (colleague from last year), it looked like we teachers were “on the good ship lollipop” at the start of the year, but now we’re all frowns.

I’m happy to report that this has been one of the mildest slumps I’ve had in 7 years.  I’ve had a few hiccups here and there with a few bad days, but all in all, things are awesome this year.  Not only, that, I feel like I have a better work/life this year which is HUGE for me.  That alone keeps the angry/bitter/jaded monster at bay.  Achievement #1 for the year unlocked!  Now I need to work on actually doing more cool things with that time.

These photos are from a week ago, right before the weather here in Denver turned frigid.  Anything below 60˚ is frigid to me.  Everything is old, loved, and from Madewell.

october slump3

october slump5

october slump4

october slump

october slump2

Rossin Fuzzies

Rossin had on a collar today that I just couldn’t stop staring at during our grade team meeting today.  I just wanted to reach out and stroke it.  So I did just that on our way out and asked, “Is that real?!?!”  She was the perfect image of fall – a hint of summer and a hint of winter.  I felt envious as I looked down at my boring outfit for the day, but made some mental notes of how to start my transition into autumn (berry lipstick!).

As I hurriedly snapped some pictures of Rossin at the end of the school day, a few of our students just couldn’t help themselves and jumped in the shot with her. Sorry for the bad photoshopping, but my skillz are limited.





Mucking Around

The other day, a kid in my first period asked me what crawled up my ass and died.  Yup.  I had gotten tired of his and his friends mucking around (Aussie speak, thanks to B) during class and employed multiple non-verbal “100% engagement strategies” on them all at once.  I stood right next their chairs.  I tapped on the worksheets they were supposed to be paying attention to.  I mimed putting a cell phone away and taking head phones out (teenagers are a cleaver bunch when it comes to illicit technology use in the classroom).  I made eye contact and scanned their work area.  Then finally, I crouched down to their level and asked if they needed help getting started.  “Miss, what crawled up you ass and died today?”  LOLZ.  I chuckled and said something along the lines of “your lack of work”.  Was that appropriate?  Who cares?  The kid who said it got started and got his work done eventually.

Today I wore a new linen button down from Madewell (super sale!).  White shirts are basic, classic and creates an instant “professional” look.  This one in particular is awesome because it’s long enough to cover my entire torso.  Also, I can wear this shirt till I’m old and fabulous as it’s not too teenager-y like other things I have.  Linen is pretty much permanently wrinkled, so it fits my non-ironing life style.  When B’s mum was in town, she actually helped me iron a couple shirts (#winning).  I’m saving those shirts for a special occasion now.

madewell white linen3

madewell white linen4

madewell white linen2

madewell white linen

glasses: warby parker – shirt: madewell – belt: urban outfitters – jeans: j.brand via nordstrom rack – boots: steve madden

Grown-ass Woman

I have finally reached adulthood, people.  I bought a house here in Denver – last May.  This is not news to people who know me (I can’t ever stop talking about it), but it is news to the blog.  Yup, B and I are now officially adults with adult type responsibilities such as mowing the lawn and making mortgage payments.  This also means that my conscience gets a whirl every day – B and I are gentrifiers.  Seriously, we are – Slate Magazine confirms it.  This means that I am one of those people who drive out economic and cultural diversity from “up and coming” neighborhoods because it’s the new hip area to move into.  And boy is it hip.  There are about 6 awesome micro-breweries within walking distance, and we regularly hear gun shots in the night.  Recognizing that I am a gentrifier puts me in a tizzy, since my hometown is experiencing all kinds of turmoil with gentrification and the homogenizing of culture.  Hell, even B and I have been priced out of SF considering we could never afford to buy in the city.  So I try my best to remember this article on how not to be a gentrifier.  

Now that I am an adult with adult responsibilities, I felt the need to dress like a child today.  This is a new top from Anthropologie (super sale, as always) with a very child-like collar.  I dig it, Alexa Chung style.  The lipstick, by the way, is a cheap find from Wet n’ Wild (Plumegenue, by the Fergie collection) and I highly recommend it.





top: anthroplogie – belt: gap – jeans: uniqlo – boots: franco sarto via nordstrom rack – watch: fossil


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