I haven’t been on here lately – my remote shutter release broke, which means walking back and forth across the classroom to the camera for a 12s timer to take every photo, and no busy teacher has time for that. I have though, still been getting dressed every morning, sometimes in stuff that is new and that I really like. In addition, I’ve been getting some interesting comments from the kids about my clothes. Read on to get a good chuckle here and there.

Shirt: topo designs – jeans: levis – boots: red wing boots

I don’t usually play favorites with outfits, but this one was definitely a hit with the kids. This was the debut of my new Red Wing boots, and the very first snow of the year here in Denver. It had gone from 81˚F on a Tuesday afternoon, down to 20˚F by that night, dropping tens of degrees over a just a few hours. I left the gym that evening in a tank top only to rush home to harvest anything and everything ripe or unripe from the garden. I ended up with about a pound of very green cherry tomatoes to make into a meh green salsa later in the week. Anyways, these new Red Wing boots are the best. Not cheap by any means, but I expect these to become old favorites year after year like my Blundstones.

This Topo Designs shirt I picked up at the company’s warehouse sale this past summer for just five bucks. It has pockets!!! I stumbled onto the sale via their insta account and went early that morning on my own just to see what was available. I ended up walking away with heaps of stuff, all at a screaming deal. So I learned one thing that day – If there is a brand you like and they are local, follow them on Insta. You might just get lucky!

This particular afternoon as I walked down the hall to a meeting with my arms overflowing with my jackets, coffee mug, computer, and backpack, a kid yelled down the hall, “I can f*ck with that fit, Miss!” It took me a few seconds to translate that phrase into old person speak before I could yell back, “Thanks!”. Translation: I like your outfit.

earrings: a small shop in nashville whose name has been forgotten already – top and pants: uniqlo – shoes: birkenstock

I have just one photo from this day, because I didn’t have any free time other than bathroom breaks. I had five minutes to snap this picture before kids came in to retake a quiz during lunch. Also that day, my planning period was sucked up by a meeting, and my classroom gets used now during my second planing period for the day (our school is getting bigger – I’m dreading having to move around and share classrooms all the time).

These pants though, are a new favorite. They are basically fancy sweats and so damn comfortable while looking interesting and polished at the same time. It’s no secret that I love somewhat weird architectural cuts and that I love Uniqlo. So the Uniqlo U line is perfect for me. These pants look really weird styled by Uniqlo, but when I tried them on, they looked normal, just a bit “interesting”. I texted a photo to my friend Melissa and she said I could pull them off, so straight to the register it was. B thought they were weird and cartoony. I actually love how they remind me of Popeye the sailor man with the exaggerated cartoony legs. The kids also approved. One girl that morning: “Miss, i like your pants.” “Thanks! My husband said they look like cartoon pants.” *scoffs* “Miss, you can do better!” *shakes her head* “cartoon pants…” *scoffs*

earrings and hair pick: cant remember anymore – sweater and t shirt: uniqlo – belt: gap – jeans: levis – shoes: mohinders

This was what I wore yesterday to school for parent teacher conferences (on a Friday). I planned to wear a blazer and smarten up my look for parent meetings, but I decided that “warm and casual” would endear my RBF to the parents more. I know, big eye-roll from me too. But after my last Back to school night experience with parents that are hard to please, I wanted to try and avoid the whole “she’s so serious and unfriendly” shtick.

No funny kid story here, just a few eye leakers. I was told by more than a few parents that my class was their kid’s favorite, and that they couldn’t shut up about how interesting it was. *tears* pats self on back* I also got a few of “why do you have an F in Physics?!?” *sigh*

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