It’s a monday.  I have a 4pm parent-teacher meeting.  So I dress accordingly, which in the teaching profession translates as a button up shirt.  Don’t I look so serious and intellectual? Never mind that in Physiology class today we spent some time talking about pelvises, coccyxes and how big the inlet and outlet is in women compared to men.  I am totally serious, even when my hand is simulating a baby’s head going through a woman’s pelvis. No giggling allowed.  This is my serious we-are-going-to-learn-anatomy face.

The awesomeness starts when I call to confirm scheduled parent-teacher meeting.  Phone number is disconnected!  Teenager of parent comes to 6th period with her attitude fully adjusted to normal levels.  She calls mom on her cell phone (magical special phone number), mom confirms meeting time (4pm), with a few crass words thrown in for effect.  Fantastic.  4:30pm…no mom.  So much for the seriousness!!

This means I get to go home and eat cranberry pumpkin bread!  Bambi is happy, she gets to vacuum crumbs. Woot woot!  Even better: a Pho date with the besterest dean of students ever, Mr. Emmi for later in the evening.  Teachers have lives too, you know.

Glasses: bonlook – shirt and tank: j.crew – pants: f21 – watch: marc by marc jacobs – shoes: nine west (on sale!)

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