Teenagers notice everything.  Nothing will slip past them, especially not when they spend an hour (sometimes 2) staring at you as you teach.  Coincidentally, teenagers are also trying to figure out their mental–>verbal filters. Random/inappropriate/funny/embarrassing/ghastly things come flying out of mouths daily. Case in point: “Ms. S, you look really nice today…..OMG YOU MUST HAVE A DATE TONIGHT!!!!”

No, I don’t have a date tonight.  Can’t I wear a skirt every once in a while?  Especially when said skirt is new and super cute?  Never mind that I still have the usual teacher hairdo (more like the non-do).

My health class says hello BTW.  They left me a message that I just found this morning.

Glasses : bonlook – necklace/bracelet : my mom’s from when she was 12 – tee/belt/skirt : j.crew – cardi : super old from Therapy – shoes : nine west (also seen here) – watch : Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordies Rack

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