last week was rough.  So we teachers decided to top it all off with a drink…or four.This year I’ve been teaching Health Science at my high school.  One question that inevitably comes up is “Ms. Schenck, do you drink?”  My answer?  “Yes I do. I’m over 21 and I know to drink moderately.”  Answers to questions about my outside life are usually buzz kills.  Kids want to hear that I go out all the time drinking, smoking weed and cigarettes.  Most of all, they want to hear that I go out “clubbing”.  Never mind that they really don’t know what clubbing means yet.  It’s no school dance, kids.  So when I give them responsible, adult, good sense answers, they get all disappointed looking.  Now I just need to remind myself that 3 or more drinks in a row is technically “binge drinking”.  Opps!

My fav horsie t-shirt that I bought years ago, Aimee and Anne at Cassanova in the Mission.The end of the night: a quick bart ride home.  I ❤ BART.
coat: h&m – horsie shirt: UO (hella old) – jeans: f21 – boots: steve madden – bag: pour la vitoire – scarf: crossroads find

As you can see, it was a 7 min wait.  So B started snapping pics of the tunnel and promptly got yelled at by the station guy over the loud speaker for standing too close to the edge of the platform.  ha.

cool photo huh?

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