First thing in the morning:    Teen – “Ms. Schenck, do you have brownies for us today?”  Me – “Uhhh, no, why?”    Teen – “Because you look like one!  Hahahaha”

Kids.  They think they are so funny.  Today was the start of our Mental Health unit in Health class. I usually start it off with a 5 min interview where the class can ask me any question they want with the caveat that I can abstain from answering anything I want.  2nd period just wanted to know if I’ve done drugs and/or smoke weed (abstained).  4th period wanted to know about my sex life (abstained) and if I would date Mr. Won (we’re both taken).  6th period wanted to know how I was in high school (awkward and unsure of myself).  All periods asked me if I wanted to get married eventually and have kids.  Two best questions I got today was, “What do you like about teaching science?” and “Who inspires you?”  I like seeing how science can empower people to make better choices for themselves and I love seeing students make sense of their own experiences using principles they learned in science class.  My students inspire me, as well as a large assortment of people both in and out of education.  Brownies inspire me, and there were brownies waiting for me at home this evening, baked by my neighbor.  =)

glasses: Warby Parker – necklace: Flea Market Girl – cardigan: J.Crew – Dress: UO – belt: H&M – leggings: Target – boots: ZiGiny – classroom: Ms. Hsu’s

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