B and I took the bus down to Washington DC (4 hours!) for the weekend to visit my sister Kris and her hubby Dave.  We were blindsided by a freak storm friday night, just after we arrived.  The storm and it’s 80 mph wind gusts knocked out power to Kris and Dave’s house, felled a tree into their backyard, and freaked us me all out.  They just got their power restored (a full 3 days later).  So we were stuck all weekend with no AC, 100˚ plus heat, cancelled plans and a fridge full of slowly rotting food.

All wasn’t lost though, we busted out the camp stove to cook, cuddled with the doggies and played candlelight Scrabble.  We also attended the Japan Embassy’s annual BBQ at the Ambassador’s residence where we stuffed our faces, melted in the heat and hobnobbed with various DC peeps.

The weekend snaps: 1)  somehow (and it’s happening more often than I’d like lately), B and I managed to dress independently and still end up looking like twins  2) downed tree, hot sad pups, Scrabble by candlelight (I got 4th place!)  3) Embassy of Japan judo and martial arts entertainment, yummy food 4) me and B trying not to look like total sweaty messes in 100˚ heat 5) Kris and Dave, at the Pig 6) feeding my caffeine addiction on the way home to Brooklyn from the Bolt Bus drop off

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