I love carbs.  I really do.  I love carbs so much I would marry carbs.  I am a rice queen, pasta addict and bread lover.  When I gained 20 lbs “out of the blue” after high school, it was because of my bread and butter diet.  Then I started baking a lot and that didn’t help. The first thing I bought when I moved out of my mom’s house in my early 20’s was a rice cooker.  I eat carbs for every meal, and lots of it even in between meals.  So when I met B — who is 6’4″ and rail thin, I was shocked when he told me that he doesn’t eat bread.  He claims that bread in Australia (where he’s from) is superior in taste and texture, and he just doesn’t like the bread we have here in the US (even amazing Tartine/Acme bread). “What a freak”, I muttered under my breath at the time.  Guess who’s been on a carb ban for the last 15 days?  me.

30 Days: only whole foods, no sugar, no grains, no potatoes, no beer.

Now anyone who knows me well, also knows that I do not have the greatest level of self control ever when it comes to food and alcohol (and in the past, cigarettes).  My willpower is basically crap.  So I’ve cheated.  Pizza and beer in DC, beer on 4th of July (and the day after), and a handful of Swedish Fish the other day.  So my 30 day challenge is turning into a 26 day challenge, but I’m ok with that.

I miss noodles and rice the most.  I can eat carbs again on July 23rd.  I plan on changing my diet permanently though and eating less carbs over all and trying to stick to a low-glycemic diet (thanks Eric, for that article!).

Some visuals of what I’ve been eating lately:  10+ veg stir-fry, chinese greens with mushrooms and bacon, chicken-kale-cabbage-zucchini-yellow squash-onion-pepper curry, aussie style breakfast

To date, I’ve lost 0 lbs.  Fat or otherwise.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

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