glasses: warby parker – tank: anthropologie – belt: j.crew – skirt: dkny – bag: freitag – shoes: worishofer

These pics were taken a little while ago during my first ever trip to Central Park.  I’ve been on a “aztec” or “tribal” print rager lately and there isn’t an end in sight.  I hate the pseudo ethnic naming of these uber trendy prints, but I’ll use them for a lack of a better descriptor.  Cue top above, which I got on sale from Anthro last month, this clutch I got last week, and my favorite freebee bag ever from  (I’m a huge sucker for gift with purchases).  

One thought on “print rage

  1. i can’t wait until you can take us to central park for a picnic! spoke with brian and it looks like it’s going to be this spring instead… he needs to go visit the fam before nyc. see you in the spring!


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