It’s Thanksgiving, so B and I are in DC with my sister Kris and her husband Dave.  Ate turkey, pie and everything else, twice.  I have a nice stack of papers waiting to be graded over the weekend, so today and tomorrow are dedicated to eating.

I’m blending in with this dress and all the greenery in DC.  B said “you’re camouflaged! ” when he took my picture and convinced me that standing on a log was a good idea.  He also thinks that I need to learn how to do spinning heel kicks if I’m going to wear shoes like this.  The dress and shoes are pretty expensive by my standards (anything over $60) , so I have to make sure I get a lot of use out of them.

scarf: h&m – dress: madewell (pretty recent, but not available anymore)- cardigan: j.crew – tights: uniqlo – booties: zara – bag: borrowed from Kris

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