It’s a double down week.  This is my typical clothing strategy…wear the same thing all week with a dress or two in between to break it up.  It cuts down on laundry, something I actually have to be conscious of here in NY, where I have to lug laundry out of the building.  This week is a perfect example of that strategy.  Monday: Forever 21 stretch jeans and a hoodie (staff PD day, no kids),  Tuesday: dress, Wednesday and Thursday: Forever 21 stretch jeans and a creamish/whiteish topper.  Also, we’ve been in the lab this week, working on a 4 day procedure aimed at demonstrating osmosis and diffusion with onion cells and dialysis tubing.  It’s been fun and I love lab days – but the heater has been stuck on “broil” in the lab room.  Oh hello, extreme temperature changes!

Exhibit A of double down: Wednesdaydouble down

double down2

double down3

Exhibit B: Thursday

double duty2

double duty

Pardon the cheesy “hands on hips” pose.  I don’t know what I was thinking.

Wednesday ~ shirt: tobi – necklace and jeans: f21 – belt: h&m

Thursday ~ (old) glasses: salt – sweater: (old) anthropologie (last seen here)- jeans: f21 – belt: h&m – shoes: minetonka

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