It’s the first day back from spring break, so I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to take another week off to relax.  Unfortunately (and fortunately), that’s not an option – so second best is a super lax get up for the day.  I found this skirt hidden deep in the sale dungeon at Anthropologie while out walking with B yesterday.  I felt the warm, thick stretchy material of the skirt and pictured myself in it:  lounging at my desk with my feet up watching over a classroom full of kids as they work diligently on their final papers.  One can dream, right?  I can already tell that this skirt, even with its crazy ass print (for me) and weird length is going to be a classroom staple.  lax




sweater: j.crew – white t: target – skirt: anthropologie – booties: bp – watch: fossil

2 thoughts on “Lax

  1. The Anthropologie sale bin is my absolute favorite. And the only way I can ever dream of affording anything at that beautiful store. (Sigh.) Great find, great outfit!


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