There’s no great way to start writing this post without giving a huge shout out and thank you to my bro-in-law for being my friend in a high place.  Thanks, Dave (with my sister, below) for bringing me along to the White House Correspondents Dinner Pre-party event (not to be confused with the actual dinner).  Next year?  😉

WHCD Kris and Dave

The night started off with me feeling very out of place and awkward – like a teenage kid being brought along to adult parties.  It’s not every day I get dressed up in fancy gowns (first time, actually), and I don’t normally hobnob with politicians/reporters/celebrities.  Pretty much a complete 180 from my usual crowd: teenagers with fart jokes.  The awkwardness eventually gave way once I figured out how to maneuver around with such a long dress and stopped worrying about my bra showing.  Getting to see Bradley Cooper helped up the fun factor immensely (as did a martini or two).  I also got to molest a cardboard cut out of Conan.  My night was complete.  WHCD the cooper

Photo Apr 27, 6 35 21 PM


WHCD conan

gown: bcbg on super sale

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