I woke up this morning (as in… noon.  It’s SUMMER and I can sleep in like a sloth if I want) to a string of notifications from WordPress about new followers – 5 new readers!  It’s summer (as if we all need a reminder) so I’ve been seriously lazying it up these past couple of weeks.  My lack of productivity is getting to the point of embarrassment, so I figured I needed to kick myself in the butt to start getting some things done.  Only fun stuff though, I haven’t hit boredom rock bottom quite yet.  First up, a revisit to the world of blogging:  to get my brain somewhat moving again and to spew my life out onto the interwebs.  Next up, a short backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail, a road trip to Savannah with fellow teacher Grace and learning a bit of code with help from CodeAcadamy/Treehouse/Codeschool and B.  By the time that’s all done, it will be time to put my sloth-ish tendencies on the back burner and gear up for the new school year (and back to teacher outfits).

As proof that teachers do indeed have lives outside of the classroom (and for some internal validation that I haven’t completely disappeared into the couch with the Game of Thrones books), here are a few highlights of the summer thus far.

1) A pair of Aussie visitors, aka B’s mom (also a teacher!) and Peter!  They came all the way out to Brooklyn just to hang with us for a week.  They were fresh off a vintage Bentley car rally through the west coast and Montana (for real) and flew over to the east coast on their way back home to Perth.  We took them on a modified tour of NYC (they’ve seen it all before) and spent a lot of time just chatting it up.  I loved them and it was especially cool to hear B’s mom talk about teaching in Perth.  B had the job of deflecting all comments/hints about marriage or grandchildren.

highline park

peter vs turkey

9:11 memorial

Jenny and Peter

2) The real vacation, aka Costa Rica – B and I shelled out the big bucks for a trip to Costa Rica.  11 days, three towns and a lot of advice from Lonley Planet took us hiking, white water rafting, surfing, ziplining and left us with sunburns.  Totally worth it, even with the sting of the high prices.

CR hiking

CR hanging bridge

CR class 3-4 rafting

road side ceviche

im on a boat

beach front seats

Ticos surf school

crabby fights

cloudy forrest

3) auntie time in Washington DC

jojo and arms

4) getting crafty to fill my empty hours

ikea pot hacked

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