I’ve got hugz for you if you were born in the 80’s, the 80’s.  Yeah.

I’m back!  Or rather, my classroom’s back!  Today was the first day of planning week at my school. The big guns start coming in on September 9th, so we’re spending the next few days looking at curriculum maps and STAs (standard-learning target-assessments).  My brain is turning on again.   I decided to bust out my 80’s shirt today – a F21 knock off of the various jersey type t-shirts worn by my fashion idol jayne min here and here. Granted, I’m a year late on this trend, but…whateves.     It’s not quite my year (spot on ’80!), but it’s close enough.

acceptable in the 80's

acceptable in the 80's 2

acceptable in the 80's 3

glasses: warby parker (my third pair!) – tshirt: f21 – skirt: super old banana republic – shoes: worishofer

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