Some sociology PhD candidate should do a study on working in education and the use of buzz words.  I swear there must be a correlation between the use (or over use) of buzz words and the administration ladder.  The kicker is that every district has their own set of buzz words.  I’m imagining with every new chancellor/superintendent, the buzz words change.  In SF, the buzz words were data, accountability, informed instruction, and joyful learners.  Today’s theme was joy.  As in my joy Division shirt, joy in iced coffee, and joy in getting my classroom set up and ready for the first day of school.  Also, joyful in the fact that my jeans were still white at the end of the day.

joy division

joy division2

joy division3

My two favorite things lately:  A birthday lipstick from B’s mum, sent all the way from Perth & a mini-Darwin figurine from my co-teacher Pam.  He’s the shit and the lipstick is bright and joyful.

joy division4

glasses: warby parker – tshirt: a present from my bud grace, but can be found here – jeans: uniqlo – shoes: saltwater sandals – lipstick: australis

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