This is my 5th first day of school, and by far the best.  The lesson went smoothly, the kids were all engaged and I didn’t loose my mind.  A success!!  This morning, I got on the subway and counted 5 other teachers on the same car as me.  It’s funny, I feel like I can spot fellow teachers from a mile away:  The large tote-ish bag, the hair pulled back in a no nonsense bun, conservative but still youthful dresses (mostly florals) and a zen-but-frazzled-on-the-inside demeanor.  That was me to a T today (except for the florals).  Of course, there was a cardigan involved at first…till I started to sweat right through it.  Then I started to regret my choice of top.  You win some, you lose some I guess.

first day 2013 2

first day 2013

glasses: warby parker – tank: j.crew – skirt and shoes: madewell (last seen here

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