My neck.  My back.  My knee.  My neck, and my back and my knee.  All three have been paining me for the past month.  It all started back in 2006 or so when I pulled a muscle or something moving boxes at home.  Ever since then, my back has been shit.  Usually my back just decides at random times to lock up for a week, then it goes away.  Lately though, it been just a dull frustrating nagging ache with twinges of acute pain.  Sometimes it feels like body aches from a fever, other times like my kidneys are crying.  Oh the pains of getting older and a body breaking down.

My back has been nagging me for long enough that the kids know what’s going on when I start doing my grandma moves in the middle of the class period.  They’ve seen me lie on the floor, hobble around and stretch.  They used to act concerned, but those days are long gone.  Secretly, I know they still care.

Also, new boxy Madewell top, another new addition from my weekend shopping trip.

growing pains

growing pains2

growing pains3

growing pains4

growing pains5

shirt: madewell – belt: super old gap – jeans: uniqlo – boots: super old boutique 9

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