Today, one of my crew kids O told me, “you take nice pictures, miss.”  It took me a full minute to process what she had said.  “oh, so you’ve seen my blog”, I said finally.  My initial feeling was one of fear – a ridiculous feeling considering how open I was about my blog when I taught my week long blogging intensive. What ever students discover about me through my blog has already been out for a long time. I’ve been running this blog for 2 years!
Another comment struck fear in my heart today. A student, H, told me it looked like I was wearing a crop top with this sweater. He then rushed on to explain that the colors are deceiving with the tan bottom, and “you know. . .it looks like you’re naked.” OMG, kid. it’s practically a grandma sweater! right?!?
nice pictures nice pictures2 nice pictures3
glasses: warby parker – sweater and boots: madewell – jeans: uniqlo – belt: banana republic

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