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glasses: warby parker – top: madewell – jeans: uniqlo – boots: franco sarto via nordstrom rack – jewelry: family heirloom, some craft booth in brooklyn, fossil watch, fitbit

I wear black jeans to work on most days.  Jeans for me generally means skinny jeans.  I know this is tabboo for some teachers, but I personally don’t really see a problem with it.  As long as they’re dark, they could just be plain old black pants.  The only difference between my jeans and some other teacher’s pants are the material.  At least, that’s how I rationalize it.  Sometimes, I’ll even wear blue jeans.  Not often, but occasionally.  But what about white jeans?  I asked B the other night if I should wear white jeans to school.  I thought they’d look really cute with this blue silk top I bought at Madewell recently (on super sale – extra 40% off – and with my teacher discount).  I knew I wouldn’t wear them anyways, because white jeans, to me, veer into the “probably shouldn’t” territory.  But I thought I’d ask his opinion anyway.  He said very bluntly, “white jeans are not appropriate for teachers”.

Is that true?  Who says?  Why?  What do you guys think?  Are white jeans taboo for teachers and why?  Are jeans in general “not appropriate”?  Be sure to answer this prompt with a claim, evidence and analysis.  Just kidding!

11 thoughts on “Black and Maybe Blue, but White?

  1. My comment probably is not apropos for someone of your age, since it reflects my older generation and especially that of my late English-teacher wife who NEVER wore jeans of any color to her high school. That said, I agree with B.


  2. I am currently student teaching, and was wondering the same thing about jeans. I asked a couple of teachers I work with, and all of them said that dark washed denim was perfectly fine. I agree with you, the only difference between black denim and dress pants is the material. Now, I’m not confident enough to rock white jeans, but if you are go for it! Xx


  3. I’m currently finishing up student teaching (HS/MS English) but I know MANY teachers who wore white jeans this fall and, taking a cue from them, I know I did (when I felt brave enough to wear white) as well. I think it depends on the material of the “jean”. The less actual denim they are, the more they look like a “pant” in my opinion. 🙂
    Most of my “teacher outfits” are some variation of (tastefully) colored skinny jeans or skinny pants & a cute professional top though! 🙂


  4. Thanks guys for chiming in! I’ve seen a number of past co-workers wear white jeans to school and never once did I think to myself “what was she thinking”! Also, when I say white jeans, I’m thinking more or less this type of look from Kendi Everyday:


  5. Love white! Anyone who can pull off white jeans or all white outfit esp. in winter with taste gets props from me. I work in a business casual office and today my co-worker wore some very respectable white pants with a black collared shirt. I thought it was a very tasteful ensemble. Go for it!


  6. I don’t understand the issue with wearing jeans of any kind to school. Jeans are absolutely forbidden for a teacher in schools in Ireland, which I think is so strange because some of the nicest and most work appropriate outfits I’ve seen include jeans! Having said that, if you get the chance, rock the White jeans for your “oppressed” colleagues in Ireland!!! 😛


  7. I’ve been wearing white, fitted jeans for years now. I have some friends who approach this colour with caution while others (like me) see no harm in it. I think you should go for it and wear white with aplomb! Neutral, lighter coloured trousers can look very professional too if teamed with an appropriate top.

    Go forth and rock the white jean!


  8. I clock in at a meager 5’3″ and have only been teaching high school for 3 years, so I never wear jeans to work simply to avoid being mistaken for a student. I also teach art, so white pants are my personal nightmare. I think paired with a nice top though, white jeans could look more professional than their blue counterparts- one of our younger administrators recently wore white jeans to a PD day, so I don’t see why a teacher couldn’t.


  9. I teach HS and am only 5’4″ so I do try to dress a little “older”. That said, I wear black jeans very frequently and find them totally appropriate. I wouldn’t wear white jeans to work because I absolutely hate to stand in front of my class if I have any stain or mark on my clothing and I would surely get white jeans dirty within a few minutes!


  10. Teachers can absolutely wear white jeans! I work in a school with a strict dress code – no blue jeans allowed. But every other colour is fair game, and white is a great choice for everyone outside of art/kindergarten teachers…

    Love your blog – found it accidentally with a Swedish hasbeens search. So glad!


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